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Freelance work can be started today with zero up-front investment. If you take the time to move beyond writing – and master a specialized, in-demand skill – you can easily earn 5-figures per month. However, the freelance world is fiercely competitive.

Most In-Demand Freelance Positions

Includes writing blog posts, articles, ebooks, print books, brochures, newsletters, booklets, white papers, special reports, package information, advertising copy, and press releases.
WordPress, HTML5, PHP, Ruby on Rails, mobile apps, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, ecommerce, Joomla, and MySQL.
Internet Marketing
SEO, PPC account management, social media (YouTube and Pinterest), sales copywriting, website conversion optimization, sales, email marketing, PowerPoint presentations, public relations, blogger outreach and guest posting services.
Graphic Design
Web design, print design, packaging, infographics, logos, vectors, corporate identity, videography and business card design.
Customer Service
Data entry, virtual assistance, customer service representative, web research, telephone customer service, accounting and transcription.
Hot languages at the moment include Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese.
No matter what "other" language you speak, you can usually find work if you're talented and experienced.

Make it Happen

The most active and highly respected freelance site on the web.  Competitive but tends to have more high-paying online jobs than most other freelance boards.  Freelance writing for clients on this site.

Post a list of "Hourlies": pre-defined tasks that you're willing to do for a set price.
Strictly for writers.  Good: Steady stream of work.  Bad: Low Pay.
Envato Studio
Focused on design and web-development.  
Behance Jobs
Great place for talented designers to find high-paying work.
99 Designs
If you can make your design stand out, this is the site to use.  Businesses post their design job, you provide the mock-up, and they choose their favourite.
Find freelance projects and grow your business.
Another popular freelance board.

Everything here costs $5.  Good place to make extra cash if you can do something that makes you stand out. 

Similar to Elance and Upwork with a focus on programming and design.

Affiliate Marketing

Who says you need your own product to make money online? The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can make money fairly quickly as there's no need to become an expert or struggle with product development. Simply get your affiliate link in front of people interested in a product or service, and when they buy, you'll get a commission on every sale. It's important to note that due to the low barrier to entry and margins, affiliate marketing is quite competitive.

Easily the largest marketplace for digital goods on Earth. Super-reliable payments and a wide selection of products in every niche. Make up to 75% per sale. 

Want to make $65 per sale?  Consider promoting this reliable web hosting provider.
Apple Affiliate Program
Make a commission promoting iTunes, Apps, Movies and any digital product that Apple sells.
eBay Partner Network
Lucrative in the right niches (high-tech, electronics, expensive collectibles, etc.).
Amazon Associates
As an "Amazon Associate", your cut will be significantly less than ClickBank or Commission Junction, but you can make money promoting Amazon products.  Depending on the volume you push to them, you can make up to 8.5% per sale.
CJ Affiliate
Similar to ClickBank.  Good place to scope out products.
Similar to BlueHost Affiliate Program.  Make up to $125 commissions

Sell Arts, Crafts and other Handmade Items

People are tired of buying the same mass produced products that everyone else has. They are willing to pay more for something handmade and unique. If you have a knack for sewing, arts and crafts or handmade jewelry, there are a few amazing online marketplaces to help you cultivate and sell your work.
Create your own store and get your work in front of thousands of buyers in minutes.One of the most popular marketplaces to sell handmade products.
Very popular site.

Art Fire
Excellent marketplace for unique hand-made items.
Etsy's competitor.
Buy and sell handmade gifts and craft supplies.
Arts and crafts section.  Works best if you live in a large metropolitan area.

Cost-Per-Action Marketing

You get paid for Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Marketing when someone performs an "action" which is often free for the user. Examples include getting a quote on insurance, signing up to a website or requesting information on online colleges. The downside to CPA is that most networks tend to go through a lot more due diligence than affiliate networks, meaning you have to jump through a few hoops to get in.
Search engine for CPA offers.  Includes almost all the major players.  Sort by category, network or payout amount.
Another reputable network.
Solid network.
A respected network with weekly payments and a wide selection of offers.

Content Revenue Sharing

If you want to put your content on authority sites that already have a steady stream of traffic – and get paid for it – then you may be interested in revenue sharing with authority sites. By posting your content on authority sites you'll get more traffic than if you posted it on your own blog. In return, you get a cut of money they make.
Create "hubs" and monetize them with Adsense, eBay and a handful of others.
Digital Journal
Tough to get in but the site's authority helps bring in traffic.
YouTube Partner Program
If you can create viral videos, then sign up as a YouTube partner.
Contribute knowledge in the form of media (articles, videos, picture galleries or sound clips) to generate an income.

Video Marketing

With YouTube emerging as the place to share and watch videos, many internet marketers are making full-time salaries just from YouTube videos. The key to doing well with video marketing is providing tremendous value to whoever is watching.
Make sure your channel has a tight niche with consistent updates.
A tutorial-focused video site that allows you to show off your expertise to a new audience.
Popular video sharing site.
Camtasia Studio
Professional screen capture software for tutorials.
Good place to upload your video for some additional views.
Extremely popular tutorial site that supports how-to videos.
Cheaper alternative to Camtasia Studio.  Simple and easy to use.


Ever want to turn your passion into profit? Then blogging may be your answer. However, before you begin, it's important to understand that blogging is not the fast track to millions. If you follow the story of the most successful bloggers on the planet, you'll notice that they had to hustle to get where they're at.

Easily the best and most popular Content Management Software (CMS) in the world.  Avoid which is where you can host your blog for free.
Another powerful Content Management Software (CMS) and alternative to WordPress.
Themes are pre-made and customizable designs for your WordPress-powered sites.  Themes are pricey but professional.
Leader in domain name registration.
Reliability, speed and one-click install of WordPress and other blog software make this the best hosting provider for bloggers.

Question & Answer

Sometimes search engines simply aren't enough. That's where Q&A sites come in. When someone needs a personalized answer in a hurry, they often turn to popular answer sites to get the help they need. If you're an expert in a particular field then you can make some side-money by answering questions.
Register as an expert, and start answering questions over the phone, via email or over a live chat.
Most popular Q&A site on the internet. Well paid. Need credentials and degrees to get more money per answer.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to start making money online. That being said, they won't bring home anything close to a full-time salary. Consider surveys a side dish to your "make money online entrée."
The best paying survey panel.
i-Say by Ipsos
Good one to consider.
New but reliable and decent-paying.
One Opinion
A highly respected survey panel.‚Äč


To make pay-per-click (PPC) marketing work, you'll need to test keywords, ads, landing pages and offers to find a profitable combination. If you run your own website and want to monetize it, you can usually get connected with these PPC networks so you can start generating some revenue.
Google AdWords
Most popular PPC network.  Expect to spend a lot of money to learn the ropes of their relatively complicated bidding system.
Facebook Ads
Tough to get controversial ads approved.
Bing Ads
Similar to Adwords.  Ads run on Yahoo! And Bing search engines.
Similar to Adword's content network (known as Adsense).
Ads get displayed on sites that you choose ahead of time.
Plenty Of Fish
Massively popular dating site that monetizes with PPC ads.
Offers low cost per clicks.
Amazon Product Ads
If you run an e-commerce site, you can run banner ads on Amazon.  Cheap clicks (5 cents).
Displays unique "links" on certain words within a page's content.  You pay when someone clicks on the ad.
Miva Merchant
Most flexible and secure ecommerce software on the market.  Cheap clicks.
The #1 PPC tracking software.

E-mail Marketing  

One of the most valuable assets an internet marketer can have is a large email list of responsive subscribers. That's why you may have noticed that the most popular sites in instant messaging put their focus on building a list. So if you're running a site that is generating traffic, you may want to shy away from banner ads and instead build a super-valuable asset: a list. To do that you'll need to connect with an email provider that will collect emails, organize your list and make sure it's easy for subscribers to opt-out.
Popular email service provider.  Resources for those starting out with email marketing.
Vertical Response
Simple email templates with social media management integration.
Constant Contact
Feature-rich option for small businesses.  Offers standard email along with customer surveys, daily deals and event management.
Free up to 2,000 subscribers.  Strict guidelines for those pushing affiliate offers.
Offers a free trial.
Another reliable and trusted email marketing solution.

Create a Membership Site

If you can provide monthly value to a niche market then you may want to consider setting up a membership site. The best thing about membership site is that you get a semi-predictable recurring income month after month. However, to gain and keep subscribers, you'll need to deliver tremendous value on a near-daily basis.
WishList Member
WordPress plugin turns your blog into a fully-functioning membership site with ease.
Another highly recommended plugin.
A must-have for your membership sites.  Easily set up monthly payments drawn from the user's PayPal balance, bank or credit card.
Software creates landing pages, sales funnels and membership sites.  Integrates with most of the popular membership site plugins on the market.
Shopping cart solution with built-in affiliate tools.
Membership site Joomla extension.
A solid infrastructure for membership site creation.  Integrates with ClickBank and other top payment processors.
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